Simulator stucks in 3 of 27

On a fresh ubuntu 18.04
3sdk installation ok
simulator start ok
but then simulator stuck in 3 of 27 for ever

Seeing the same thing over here. All of,, and hang on 3, 3, and 2 respectively.

@hteibler & @scott I will try to get you an answer to these questions, as I can’t answer it myself (yet) please bear with me.

@hteibler @scott, probably the best thing is going to the simulator page in the wiki and choose the parameters in there and from there click simulate.

If you encountered a wrong redirect (http) instead of https, please make it https, operations are on it to ensure correct redirect.

Thanks @Roel and @ahmedthabet. I’ve been over the pregenerated configurations from the wiki and was hoping to try some of my own. I understand that it’s supposed to take a long time, but it seems that python is working hard for a while then stops (Jupyter notes that the kernel is idle after some time).