Self eVDC Deployment?

I’ve managed to setup a farm and I was able to find it on the explorer. Now I would like to setup a presearch node to it. When I try to deploy a new eVDC, i’m unable to find my own farm to use. The dropdown for selecting a farm only has 2 available options and I’m sure there are more farms available than that. Are there additional steps that need to be taken to be able to use my own farm?

Hey @xentt,

Congrats on getting your farm setup :+1:

Right now, we have an official Presearch solution on the eVDC which is currently running on testnet. That means that you can only select testnet farms for eVDC deployment.

Running a Presearch node on your own node on mainnet is a bit more involved. I’m working on a guide for this, but need to hammer out some technical issues before I proceed.

Depending on your level of technical experience, you may be able to get a head start by installing a local 3Bot and launching a Kubernetes VM on your farm.

If that all looks like Greek to you (assuming you don’t speak Greek), keep an eye out for a much simpler guide soon. In either case, I’d encourage you to test out the eVDC solution. It’s very slick and only costs a few TFT on testnet.