Seeking input on 3Node build

Hey everyone. I am new here but also exited about project. First of all ordered Titan then after reading more about project realized that I can build my own farm which could later also be my workstation PC.

So wanted to share my build parts and get some ThreeFold engineers and veteran farmers advices and expertise about my build:
One thing which I want to point is that I was trying to create a build which would maximize earnings from vcores and RAM and also the build which is TFT will go away or I will go away from it could be my dev workstation.

Questions mostly I had is about RAM should I better get ECC (It would fit workstation workloads)
CPU in this case is just cheep 16vcore ryzen which I would change to 5950x if I would use PC as workstation.
Motherboard well it is workstation motherboard with good features later also increasing CPR over expanding storage because it supports PCIE4.

PartPicker List


Looks good! My only question would be if a smaller power supply could provide enough max wattage while being more efficient under lighter loads. That said, I have no clue what the max power requirements of this mainboard/cpu are.

In terms of pricing, you might find that two 4tb hdds provide more capacity at a lower cost.