SDK vs - need a little help

I am just ready to put a server online. It will be for a new farm “tfsantacruz” with owner al(at)alliancemethods(dot)com in California

A couple of months ago I set up an organization on and the instructions referred me to
to download the OS image. I tried downloading and it did not work, said I had a bad farmer ID.

Then I got some new instructions via another Threefold member from this link:
which calls for me to download an sdk prior to obtaining the boot image

Do I start over with the SDK and forget about

Thank you

Hello @amorgan351 and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

So indeed, ItsYouOnline is being rolling out of the ecosystem and replace with the 3Bot connect app to manage the identity on the grid.

Since our migration to the v2 system, you need to re-create your farm from scratch. You can do that using the instruction located at

During the creation of your new farm there will be a moment where you will see a field call Organization ID. This actually refers to the IYO Organization from the v1 system. This field is there so we can keep track of farms between the v1 and the v2 system.

I didn’t understand if you had already created your farm before or not. But just know this field is optional and only use if you had a farm in v1.

I hope I answered your question :slight_smile: If not don’t hesitate to ask clarification.

Have a good one :wink:

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Thank you. We don’t have an existing farm.
So, start with the SDK and the 3bot app and forget about Itsyou.
That makes it simpler.


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