Safety of hosting TF data

I am curious to setup my first DIY farm using spare kit I have laying around.

My concern is the data I may be potentially hosting on my network, and how that could cause me issues with the local authority or jeopardise the security of my LAN.

Is there any information available on this?



Good question. A great deal of information is located at the threefold library. Here are some information that could help, about quantum safe storage and regulations:



As they put it: “Everyone owns their own data.” (1) Threefold nor anyone have access to what is stored by users. As they state, it “Helps with compliance to regulations like GDPR (as the hosting facility has no view on what is stored, information is encrypted and incomplete)” (2)

I hope this helps and I’ll be curious to read others’ information on this important subject. It’s always ideal to check locally in your situation with the actual law in place. Threefold is set up in a way to help not hinder in those situations so it should ease the process. Not legal advice. :slight_smile: