Running your threefold node at home on a Telenet network in Belgium.

Do you have a running node at home and are you located in Belgium and is your ISP Telenet?

We will help you expose your node over IPV6!

1: Find out your public IPV6

If you don’t have JSON parser for your Google Chrome browser install following:

Next, go to

Scroll down to Ifaces and locate the zos interface, copy the public IPV6 address.

2: Login to your Telenet

Go to, if you are logged in go down and select “Your Network” or go to following link:

You should see following:

Click on Modem details

You will land on following page:

Next click on Advanced Settings, navigate to IPv6 Firewall & rules.

Next screen should show up:

Copy over the settings on the top and next click on Add Firewall Rule

Screenshot from 2020-06-12 11-00-26

Copy over the settings from the example except for your IP-address, this should be the one you copied at the start (your node IPV6). Remove the /64 at the end, click Save and then you are done.

Congratulations your node is now exposed over IPV6 on the Threefold Grid!