Reward distribution for March? (Closed)

Any information on when payouts can be expected? They usually have been distributed by this point in the month.

It started today, probably finished by tommorow…

I have recieved payout today, and I can see that one of my farms my be down after looking at the amount :roll_eyes:

Did you verify that on the dashboard? If there are irregularities the support team will help you.

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Yes, the node is also offline on the dashboard. Was there some kind of service that would send a reminder if a node is offline?

There is a Telegram status bot

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Thanks i will check it out:-)
Are there a dashboard Api i can call and make my own service? :slight_smile:

The dashboard does not show the node status in real-time.
There are ways to ping the node (that’s what you can do with the Telegram bot) and get a reliable and instant status update.
Maybe someone with more insight can share Infos about how to get status updates via an api

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Seems my node needed a restart and is now back online:-)

Hello @lifeline, minting was completed yesterday. You can check if you got paid by going to transaction under the wallet in your TF Connect app, also on the Stellar BSC - public, you can use the memo by changing it from Base64 to hex and run it on TF Grid V3 Minting Explorer. If you still have not received your payout please feel free to contact our live chats and the support team will help you. You can find the live chat option on the bottom right of our website, forum, and dashboard and also under support in the TF Connect app.