Resources For Setting up Redundant High Availability Clusters for the Fediverse

Resources For Setting up Redundant High Availbility Clusters for the Fediverse

      One of the biggest challenges to deploying on a decentralized grid is ensuring you provide the level of service to your users that is expected of any major social media site, simply put, storing other peoples information is a huge responsibility and as a community we need to work to provide solutions that take this into account. The Threefold grid provides a unique opportunity to deployers to place their workloads in thousands of locations, utilizing thousands of different network connections. With the availability of the planetary network and z-net this capacity extends the ability of the host to utilize all of those nodes, whether they have public ip space or not. I do not intend this to be a tutorial, yet, but a opening of discussion on how we can use the tools that are open source and available today to provide an acceptable level of service to users. this will also be a place to keep track of relevant documentation for anyone to be able to learn the skills necessary to participate. This is a highly technical project and the discussion will likely be very confusing for the uninitiated, I welcome PMs here and on telegram for any offline clarifications needed.

Introduction to High Availability

      I wanted to get this post, with this information out and available now, I plan to produce and post a more thorough idea of how all of this can come together to create a user experience that matches that of any social media provider in the coming days.