Reserve your free mastodon server

See more info about all which is going on in ThreeFold around the fediverse here.

Would you be interested to have a free instance of mastodon, a better and more decentralized alternative to twitter? This is your chance, register your interest here.

steps to do so:

  • become a member of this forum and TFGrid:
    • install the TFConnect application on your phone (this allows you to interact with the ThreeFold Grid). If any help needed use our forum here or chat see below right but forum is better.
  • get some TFT, you will need them to get started, but the instance itself will be free


  • We are working (TFGrid 3.8) on a mechanism to allow users of your mastodon instance to send you TFT rewards for providing a good experience and be a good host for their mastodon server. This would be an automatic action by means of a smart contract for IT on TFChain
  • This would provide you with a steady income of TFT (reward) in line to success of your server.

requirements for a free instance are

  • you are authentic and mean well (check policies on this forum please)
  • your server will need at least +100 users < 2 months, we will help by publishing your server and inviting people
  • you need at least 1000 TFT in your wallet to get started, the money will be granted back as your solution is deployed and alive.
  • you have to monitor your solution (most is automated, but still) and do recovery actions if that would be needed

reserve here:

  • I would like to apply for a free instance
  • I will deploy and pay for it myself
  • I don’t wanna deploy but I want to join a deployed server

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