Research POC: DAO for VLANG & L1 ThreeFold Validator Network (CLOSED)

Research Project to make POC for new DAO based on vlang

Current State

Our DAO 3.0 will be based on

  • proposals on (discussion)
  • chat about the proposals on
  • voting & governance on
  • contracts/description on IPFS
  • IPFS pinned on quantum safe storage system on top of TFChain
  • governance tokens on Polygon
  • bridge on TFChain - our own chain for managing capacity, will create the governance tokens based on TFT in account as well as amount of storage/compute capacity delivered.

Research Project

We would like to explore if we can replace this by a self made blockchain backend using our supported language v-lang, communication primitives over our RMB (Reliable Message Bus), using our Planetary Network and the Tendermint (Cosmos) blockchain engine.

The front end would be by means of the ThreeFold weblets, see
The Javascript client in the weblets talk over the web based RMB client.


  • the smart contract developer does not need to know about blockchain, encryption/decryption, verification of authenticity
  • the smart contracts are done in VLANG
  • a deployment of a full environment happens by means of a Terraform recipe (for development as well as production over multiple nodes)
  • login & identity management is ThreeFold Connect
  • users only need ThreeFold Connect and a Secret to use the system, means private key need to be stored on a secure KVS
  • Database backend = postgresql per Blockchain Validator using this concept
  • Tendermint does the consensus management
  • RMB used for all communication, can be part of the tendermint compiled binary (golang)
  • only 1 binary for rmb, tendermint, vlang process only uses redis (on same machine)
  • make sure there is strong authentication from browser to vlang process doing the action


  • proof of concept code & examples on github
  • terraform script to deploy full development env on 1 node in TFGrid
  • terraform script to deploy production env on +10 nodes in TFGrid
  • good documentation how to use the poc
  • example app for digital currency & voting
  • a weblet who shows how to use the currency & do voting


  • 2 variations need to be investigated
    • RPC messages are synchronised by tendermint before they are send to vlang process to execute, means ABCI at this level in tendermint/RMB process.
    • the tendermint interaction happens inside the vlang process using the tendermint ABCI
    • performance needs to be checked, easy of use for developer, ability to add/remove nodes
  • not same, but worth looking at (also on top of tendermint, using js)

What would the benefits be of this approach

  • super easy to develop smart contracts
  • fast thanks to tendermint & vlang
  • data directly in database
  • no need for separate login in Solid language, or Cosmos Webassembly or … = simplicity
  • super scalable, we can extend later with the TF quantum safe storage system

Process & Reward

  • suggest 100.000 TFT, to be delivered when code is there & can be verified
  • only 1 developer should work on it, reply on this post to express interest
  • funds are coming from Threefold Grants, multisig by ThreeFold Foundation Guardians, will be DAO in future.
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