Requirements to set-up your own 3Node

DIY Farming enables anyone to become a farmer.

To create your own 3Node you’ll have to fulfill the following pre-requirements. For a more detailed look at the considerations for choosing DIY hardware, see this thread.


  • You need to have the following hardware requirements:
  • Intel or AMD CPU
  • Any kind of hard drives (HDD/SDD)
  • A laptop/desktop (and USB stick) to launch your online 3Bot, configure your farm, download your bootloader and burn the bootloader to a USB stick.
  • A smartphone that can run the ThreeFold Connect app (more on this below)
  • Broadband internet and a DHCP enabled router

It is recommended to have the following hardware configuration:

  • A ratio of 1:4 between vCPU and GB memory
  • At least 1 SSD (512 GB) for storage
  • If you add HDD, please check if there is enough bandwidth available to have enough performance for storage capacity usage

Wallet for receiving farmed tokens

You’ll need a Stellar wallet configured to receive the ThreeFold Tokens that you earn as a farmer. The simplest way to do this is to download the ThreeFold Connect App on your smartphone:

Once the pre-requirements are fulfilled, you can create your own 3Node.
You can find information about the next step here

Here you go, you should have all the information you need to set-up your own 3Node.

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to share them in this thread.



thanks Alex, great post…I followed this perfectly and now up and running!

can you use USB storage or does it all have to be SATA etc?


Hey there, i have followed all the steps and i am getting the following error: “edac amd64 dram ecc disabled”. can i bypass this error in some way or am i required to have ecc ram sticks to boot my node? thanks

@GaryDeane, USB drives are not supported at this time. Support for USB C external drives is currently in the works, but I wouldn’t expect to see support for older USB standards.

@ricardodias17, I ran some searches on the error you’re seeing, and it looks like this typically doesn’t prevent a machine from booting. So, if it’s not actually preventing boot, nothing to worry about. There may be a BIOS setting that would suppress the error. ECC memory is not a requirement of Zero OS. If you’re node is not booting, we can look into troubleshooting further.


So I’ve had various efforts and ensured that the BIOS mode is UEFI and I’ve done enabling of ACHI
I’ve booted from linux live USD and formated both of the drives without partitions or labels,
But I still can’t seem to get the resource to show on Zero-OS ?
I have zeros for HRU / SRU with CPU and memory usage of 1%?

Please any ideas? My SSD does show at just under 500gb - would that make a difference?
I bought a 500GB one thinking that would be adequate? So on disk management availability shows slight under?? HDD is 1000gb,

Node is

Major appreciation for any assistance!!

thank you


Hey Neil,

Sorry for the frustration! To be clear, what you see on the screen when Zos boots does not represent your node’s available resources. Those would show up on the page you screenshotted, but below what’s shown. I tried looking up your node on the explorer but couldn’t find it. Is your farm still online?