Requirements to set-up your own 3Node

DIY Farming enables anyone to become a farmer.

To create your own 3Node you’ll have to fulfill the following pre-requirements. For a more detailed look at the considerations for choosing DIY hardware, see this thread.


  • You need to have the following hardware requirements:
  • Intel or AMD CPU
  • Any kind of hard drives (HDD/SDD)
  • A laptop/desktop (and USB stick) to launch your online 3Bot, configure your farm, download your bootloader and burn the bootloader to a USB stick.
  • A smartphone that can run the ThreeFold Connect app (more on this below)

It is recommended to have the following hardware configuration:

  • A ratio of 1:4 between vCPU and GB memory
  • At least 1 SSD (512 GB) for storage
  • If you add HDD, please check if there is enough bandwidth available to have enough performance for storage capacity usage

Step 1: You need to download ThreeFold Connect App on your smartphone

Step 2: You need to have (a small amount of) TFT to pay for your 3Bot.

  • You can buy TFT on Exchanges, Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), and Over-The-Counter (OTC). Find more information about buying options here
  • Transfer your TFT: After buying your TFT, please transfer the TFT to your ThreeFold Connect Wallet address.

Once the pre-requirements are fulfilled, you can create your own 3Node.
You can find information about the next step here

Here you go, you should have all the information you need to set-up your own 3Node.

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to share them in this thread.