Replacing the primary drive?

I would like to replace my farm’s primary drive with a larger one. What do I need to be aware of?
Will it be the same farm or a new farm …

Hi - it will be the same farm. Updating the drive will result in larger rewards the next moth. Depending on which / what drive you replace it might show up as a new node, part of the same farm if you you use the same boot(loader) to boot the node.

Thew reason it might show up as a new node is that that Zero-OS uses an SSD drive to write an identifier to to identify the node. If you replace that drive with a new one, it will do that again on the new drive and “create” a new node (identity). Rewards will still end up in the same farm wallet.


The identifier is written to just one disk or all disks in the node.
I also wanna upgrade my SSD. If I put in the new SSD, keep the old while rebooting the node and after the system was up remove the old SSD, would that keep my node ID the same?

It’s written to one of the SSD’s/. But it’s not going to hurt your earnings, you will just see a new (and improved) 3node in your farm that is up and running.

So please go and do it! :slight_smile:

I don’t get it, sorry. If I upgrade tomorrow and get a new node ID, the old node ID is offline and won’t receive rewards for March. So the new node ID gets rewards for half of the month.

If you want to upgrade your main drive, you should back up the node ID first. But it’s not necessary as Weynand pointed out. But in general, it will keep your older, lower TFT price entry.

Check the FAQ we cover this.

Q: Where is the 3node ID stored?

A: For the current Zero-OS version, the node ID is stored in the first SSD you install on your 3node. If you change or erase this disk, this disk will lose its current 3node ID.

Q: Is there a way to backup my node ID in order to restore a 3node if the disk with the node ID gets corrupted or breaks down?

A: Yes, you can do a backup, but as of now this process must be done manually. One way is to boot a Linux USB image in Try mode, open up the File folder of your disk that contains the node ID. Click on + Other Locations. Then, open the folder that contains the folder zos-cache and open the folder identityd. In this folder, select the file seed.txt and make a copy of it in a safe place (USB key, notebook, e-mail, etc.). If the disk which contains your node ID is damaged, simply reboot the 3node with a new disk and the Zero-OS bootstrap image. Your 3node will connect to the Grid and assign a new node ID. Once this is done, reboot the 3node, but this time with the Linux USB image, go in the same folder as stated before and replace the new seed.txt file with the old file. Reboot your 3node with the Zero-OS bootstrap and you’re done.

Q: If I upgrade my 3node, does it change the node ID?

A: Upgrades won’t change the node ID, unless you replace the SSD where the node ID is stored (see above for more info on this).

So do a backup of the node ID. Change the main disk, reboot your 3node with your bootstrap image, then let it register a new node ID. Then shut down the 3node, reboot with Linux distro, and go change the new node ID with the older node ID.

It will not be a new farm. It will be a new node ID. But with your node ID backup you can go back to the older node ID.

Hope it’s clear!


Thanks a lot, that made it clear.

Hello, why can’t zero-os write an index to all disks at once?

It’s been discussed as of now how the node ID could be stored differently to ease the process.

Good question! Team is working on this.