Remote, P2P and Accredited E-Learning

Online learning has mainly been prevalent during the past decade, and for the first time it introduced the accessibility of personal and tailored education tracks. This is obviously revolutionary - mainly for the people that have good quality internet connectivity already (who also tend to be the same segment of the population that already has access to better quality education).

The fact that ThreeFold is aiming to provide more than 1 billion people with access to the internet also means that these people are provided with access to unprecedented knowledge. Yet - this is only half of the solution.

Having been brought up in a privileged environment myself, I grew up having the internet as an integral means to my own access to knowledge and information, yet even after all the technological innovation of the past few decades, there is still a need for a decentralized hub of structured knowledge.

What do I mean by structured?

Personally, when I search for a topic and wish to learn more about it, my first challenge is researching adequate and accredited information and where its located on the internet. As mentioned earlier, the rise of online learning and MOOC’s (e-courses) offer us a structured path to study many topics (mostly for free but a lot needs a paid subscription). However, everyone’s personal interests would not necessarily be available as structured and accredited MOOC’s.

If I wish to study anything more detailed or just not offered as an online open course, I would have to settle for books that offer some structure (online/offline) or mostly unaccredited information where I have no guarantee where the sources of information are actually from. There are no structured learning paths for many educational topics online ANYWHERE, and a learner would have to figure out what the roots and fundamentals of a topic are, and what the branches and more intermediate/advanced information is, and finally where to locate all this information to structure their own learning in an organic and growing fashion.

We need to re-think the concept of knowledge accreditation and how we can implement it in a decentralized method. New forms of educational regulation must be implemented on the internet to guarantee avoiding a spread of misinformation.

How do you think we could regulate or guarantee the authenticity of decentralized education? While also offering structured paths to help guide learners to not get overwhelmed and know that there is an organic learning path that can be taken with any topic, especially overwhelmingly complicated subjects (electromagnetism, quantum physics, neuroscience).

I can easily see this as an educative network built on top of the ThreeFold Grid, offering true decentralized access to authentic knowledge/information (along with its learning tracks) for any subject a person could be interested in. I believe this is the true educational revolution that the world needs, and I believe we can collectively make this happen.

Would love to hear what everyone thinks about this :slight_smile:


I’m here to do exactly what you just explained! Seems like I’m in the right place!!!

I’m just learning to code, but have been an educator for 16 years in various online and brick & mortar institutions of higher learning. I created a competency based model of learning. I need a decentralized blockchain ecosystem to build this learning platform on top of, and as I dig more, it seems like this just may be the network that I need to structure this learning platform.

I have an enormous learning curve from a technology perspective, but because this is a Peer-to-Peer network, it is very promising.

A very novice question- are we able to build applications that interface with 3Bot?

Depends on what you mean by interfacing :slightly_smiling_face:. Idea is indeed to build out ‘experiences’ on top of 3Bot. Not all elements are yet in place (but authentifying through 3Bot is for example), though there’s plenty of things in the pipe. Stay tuned !