RAM. 32 GB v 64 GB

Hi all, second noob question of the day. I’m putting together my first DIY node and curious how important the amount of memory is. I currently only have 8GB of RAM and im obviously going to upgrade. What are the benefits of 64 over 32 GB and is it worth the extra expense?

Thank you

I recommend you give the FAQ a read in the farming forum. How many threads does your CPU have?

i will have a read. thanks again

according to cpu z it has 2 cores 4 threads

In that case 32gb is the most.

So the calc is 8Gig memory for every thread - correct?

yes, that is correct

I have a 24thread 128G RAM, 10G HDD storage and 4G SSD. Does the storage have the same ratio to threads?

What do you mean by 10G?

10TB or 10GB? 4TB or 4GB?

24 threads 128GB ram, and 4GB SSD wouldn’t be enough.
4TB would be way enough.

ugh sorry

  • yes, i meant 10TB HDD and 4TB SSD.

Is that overkill?

It’s a great build for sure. You can’t put too much SSD and HDD on a 3node.

You could read the FAQ, there’s much info there.

Q: What is the optimal ratio of vcores (threads), SSD storage and RAM? What is the best optimization scenario for a 3node, reward-wise?

A: In short, for peak optimization, aim for 100 GB SSD and 8GB RAM per thread.
For example, a 32 threads (32 vcores) 3nodes would need 3.2 TB SSD and 256GB RAM to be optimal, reward-wise. That is 32 * 100 = 3200 GB SSD = 3.2TB SSD, and 32 * 8 = 256 GB RAM total.

Adding more GB of RAM would not increase your TFT rewards. You’d need more vcores if you want to expand.

NB: This is purely based on reward considerations. Some users might need different ratios for different specific uses of the Grid.

So with 24 threads, you could go with 192GB of RAM and 2.4TB SSD for the best ratio in terms of Threads / RAM / SSD TB.

Your build right now is already very good. It’s just that you get more TFT per $ invested with this ratio. But it’s not an absolute ratio to aim at.

Play with simulator.grid.tf, you’ll have a direct idea of rewards.

FAQ: https://forum.threefold.io/t/farming-faq-zero-os-v3/

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