Question received from a service provider

I have taken this content from an email that I have received from an enthusiastic developer (organisation) that is looking to understand the grid as an alternative to standard market leading

Mostly just regarding the networking and accessing the services deployed in the Kubernetes. One of the tests I did was trying to access our serverless apps via HTTP. Our clusters do rely a lot on having public access to some of the services that we are hosting via multiple (more than one) LoadBalancer (LB) IP, this LB IP can be NAT-ed IP but we will need to know what’s the NAT address if that’s the case.

I was about to do a follow-up and do a bit more learning about how the Threefold ecosystem handles this networking, then we got side-tracked with a few sales prospects that suddenly requires a bit more attention. :slight_smile:

I do find it a bit hard to understand some of the terminologies in Threefold, maybe a quick demo with my team may help us understand a bit better. Here’s a list of things that I can think of that we need to see at the moment:

  • Create a Kubernetes cluster

  • Access the cluster using a public IP and kube config

  • Build and deploy container, pod, service, and access it via public IP LoadBalancer <-- I was testing up to here and ran into the above issue

  • Create another publicly accessible service (should run on different Public IP)

  • Attach a persistent volume to the container

I also wonder what does it takes to contribute to the grid if we have some extra capacities. Maybe that way we understand the Threefold platform a bit better while contributing to the ecosystem.


Let’s do a demo and provide you with the details and insights. Some quick responses to you points here

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There is a weblet that does most of the things you need for you. You can find it here:

Deploy a kubernetes cluster:

Specify aspect of the cluster (controller and worker nodes)


If you specify you want to have public IP - be sure to select a farm that provides public IP’s.


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It’s written correctly just after.

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