Project Management for Community Development

Community members are always expressing interest of fixing things here and there and finding issues that need to be fixed. A lot of these issues can be tracked and handled by the community in conjunction with github issues. Seems like it would be a good idea to host a project management program on TF for the community’s use.

I need input on two things.

  1. Which project management suite to use? I know the TF team uses Taiga, but there is also FocalBoard and Leantime, as well as a plethora of others, but those seem to be the ones that have a full featured self host option.

  2. Hosting. I will need to deploy this on a node with a public IP available right?

This process will make for a nice how to as well. Choosing a popular option will drive traffic of others to do so. Too late now, but partnering with NextCloud over OpenCloud would have made more waves, its several times more popular.


I dont have any public ips yet. Who here does? I want to host it on an active members node.

Hey @FLnelson

This is @Dany speaking… my smartphone account!

I have up to 200 pub IPs ready on our DC farm. I’d be glad to host this. Give me call/DM to set it up!!

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I have some ips available, will be alot more first of next week :slight_smile:

Iove this thread.

As i think github can so project managing or is this wrong?

I would love it if nextcloud would work on tf…
I have had owncloud but changed to nextcloud long time ago since nextcloud is way better and also on mobile quite convenient.

It has a huge amount of addons too for examole File sharing via contacts and planing tools or a map function of where your mobile contacts are located or ypur pictures are taken.

Yes, to some degree. But not everything the community does is a bug that needs fixing so its good to have a broader management system.

Looks like Taiga/Circles + github would be sufficient.

With owncloud to store big files perhaps.

Didn’t realize until now that was also for community use, I assumed it was internal only. I will just use that.

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I would personally also suggest we keep on using github as much as we can
there is a process and we can all use it.

Github became much better with more proj mgmt features,

Please also check Who wants to help finalize specs for TFGrid v4.0