Profile Manager Public Key [RESOLVED]

How do I change the public key for deployments? My public / private key pairs do not match up, unable to SSH. I have created a new key pair but I am unable to change the public key in profile manager. I appreciate any help.

Hi @mprofitt

Usually you should be able to copy the whole SSH public key and then paste it in the profile manager.

Check this QnA:

When I paste the SSH public key in the Profile Manager window, the SSH public key isn’t accepted and it either doesn’t stay in the window, or it gets removed and the older SSH public key reappear. What can I do to fix this?

This issue is usually happening when the SSH public key isn’t in the proper format.

The less technical fix is to take your SSH public key and paste it in a browser’s URL search bar, then recopy and paste it in the Profile Manager. This should give the proper format to the SSH public key.

Also, you can simply query the SSH public key in your terminal/command prompt with the proper format with a command like this:

cat ~/.ssh/

You can also refer to this question for a direct way to obtain your SSH public key in your clipboard.

hi @mprofitt

there is a known bug where you cant delete the SSH key from your profile manager. also if you try to delete one char after another, the last few you cant delete.

is that your problem? which net you are? prod, test, dev?

its already in github issues.

Thank you @Mik and @flowmotion. I am now successful with your advice.
My Farm is running and I can install VM’s on the grid.
Now I need to convince my wife to expand the farm.

Thank you for this wonderful platform!



Perhaps you can build your wife a Wordpress site hosted on the grid. She might then better understand how nice it is to play around the TFGrid and build 3nodes :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy farming!