Private and Smart Voice Assistant

One of the most exciting use cases for 3Bot is finally providing people with a fully decentralized and private virtual assistant.

Personally, I’m never fully comfortable using flagship voice assistants (Siri, Bixbi, Alexa) as I know my commands are logged in some centralised system, whether there is a risk of my voice command data being breached is not really important, just knowing that the data is stored somewhere where I have no control over is enough to make me feel uncomfortable about using the service.

With 3Bot, for the first time I see potential in having a fully secure digital assistant/helper - that I would fully trust to manage my calendar, texts, calls, e-mails etc. By offering people with a fully private voice assistant with a seamless and simple UX would disrupt people’s interaction with technology and could catalyse our potential verbal interaction with machine.

Do you think this is one of the most impactful use cases for a private digital assistant?
How do you think having a private personal assistant would affect your life? Do you believe the world would adopt verbal communication instead of touch interfaces and communication?

Voice assistants in use to triple to 8 billion by 2023