Presearch Node Deployment Error

Hi, I am trying to deplay a Presearch Node on my Titan V1, keep getting an error saying my node is offline or does not have enough resource, when actually my node is online and none of my resource is being used, anyone else had the same error and know what could be causing the issue? TIA

Hi @tanksstorage1

We need more information on this to be able to help you.
You are deploying via ? A normal vm or the Presearch weblet?
What is your node ID?
Can you post a screenshot of the error + deploy screen?

You need a “public ip” from your isp if you want to deploy on a 3node located at your home

Yes, deploying a Presearch node without a reservable public IP requires a few extra steps right now. This restriction will be removed on mainnet soon.

Hi, node ID is 998

I am deploying from and I do have a static IP address

Node( 998 ) might be down or doesn’t have enough resources.

Above is the error I receive

I believe a Presearch node deployed via a weblet requires a public ip. The node 998 is in Farm 605 (TanksStorage) which does not have public ip’s. Suspect this will be the reason. Apart from that node 998 seems ready to go.

You want that specific one or any node is fine? We could suggest some that have public ip.

Thanks for your help, how do I set a Node to have a public IP?

Hey tank,

do you have a single static address or multiple public ip addresses as part of a block? in order for your threenode to have a public ip address you need a multiple address block from your ISP as the IP for the node will be different from the ip that is static on your router

I did a short guide on setting this up, currently working on redoing it in a more digestible form

By Node please be specific because we handle many kinds of ‘nodes’.
You want a Presearch node with public ip? In that case navigate to and enable filter ‘Farm ID’. In the filter enter any of these farm ID’s:
Then choose a node ID in one of these farms and navigate to
On play choose the Presearch weblet and enter the chosen node ID manually, then deploy.

If you want a ZOS node with public ip that’s a whole different story. Then have a look at @parkers post.

Hey, good news for @tanksstorage1 and anyone else wishing to deploy a Presearch node on their own farm–the public IP requirement has been lifted for the Presearch deployment weblet in the latest Grid release. You can now deploy one Presearch node per farm without reserving a dedicated public IP.