Physical Assembly of a Barebone Server For Use As A Threefold 3node

Physical Assembly of a Barebone Server For Use As A Threefold 3node
Date: 7 Sept 2022

As a Newbie, I’ve been trying setup my Dell R720 server for sometime now. I’ve just installed 1x 2T M2 SSD and 1x 2T PCIE/NVME SSD/ PCIe. Updated my Bios to latest Version 2.9.0.
On booting and then accessing the diagnostics page my Server is not picking up my HDD’s (Message 'No Hard Drive Devices found, Error Code 2000-8007 Validation 103348)
Can anyone assist please.

Note I’ve removed and reseated to no avail.

Hi @T10000

There may be different causes to this issue.

" Why is Hard Drive Not Detected in Dell

There are the culprits why does dell laptop say no hard drive detected:

  • Hard disk not detected.
  • Corrupted BIOS.
  • The hard drive has bad sectors.
  • Loose or damaged SATA cable."

You could try the different troubleshoot fixes here:

Some of the tips:

  • restart the BIOS with default settings
  • check if the cables are faulty
  • try the HDD in another computer

To check if the disk has bad sectors, you can try this:

Let us know how it goes.

Did i understand you corrextly, you added 2 NVME SSDs?
How did you connect them to the server? PCIe adapter? What model? Be sure to have one that just connects the SSD to the bus.
Did you boot an OS or just looked at the server diagnostics?
I’m running several R620s with NVME drives and never had any issues with them.
Please provide some more information about your configuration, you also can add some pictures of the hardware

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PCIe adapter is the way to go