Partnership with privacy coins

The latest developments seem to be rapidly leading to a takeover by Central Banks trying by force to control the way we spend our money. To this end they have plans to launch their CBDC (Central Bank Digital Coin)! If we don’t act fast it will be too late!
At the very least we need a Decentralized Exchange that will allow us to exchange these currencies for others.
Freedom is a fight, not a right!

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Great you’re on board. Those CBDC’s have been around and running parallel to the EUR and USD for some years already. The book “geld in de bijrol” by Ad Broere (sorry, Dutch only for now i believe) is among the real eye openers on our terrible financial system and how it’s already bankrupt.
The idea of TF to have the TFT to be the reserve currency to the local CHI i believe is a great idea, we’re working on it.


May i add to this post that any form of currency, whether it’s fiat, crypto’s or other that is somehow connected to Fiat money like euro or USD is always under control of that 0.0001% of the world’s most richest Elite. That fact you can buy TFT with money is a huge red flag in the perspective, same as the fact you can trade other crypto. Legalising trades on exchanges was another red flag. The elite allow it to happen because they still know they can control.
Should we really want to disconnect ourselves from the current pyramid scheme, we need a real Unconditional Basic Income (not Universal! Basic Income) like 1coinh. But I’m afraid most out there ain’t ready for this yet.