Partnership with Helium?


I just found out there is somethign named “Helium” out there. I really didnt know that this is already out there for a long time xD - but now im amazed like i was when i have heared about Threefold. For me Helium and Threefold are similar projects.

How about a Partnership? they give 5G, we give the Computer Power and Grid behind…

Thoughts? …

I think about things like. Threefold-Nodes with built-in 5G or an 5G-Antenna for a self-created Node.

… or Helium hosts his stuff on the Threefold-Grid :crazy_face:

Maybe the TF-Team has better ideas? I just wanted to ask if this is new or if anyone from TF has already thought about Helium.

Thanks greetings flow


Hi, Flow!

Actually, last week I met with a large Helium miner here in Turkey who is also getting involved now with ThreeFold Farming. He shared about Helium & I shared about ThreeFold, and even though he is not part of the Helium “team,” it reminded me there are a lot of possibilities with Helium and ThreeFold.

At the very least, as you mentioned, (with the launch of TF Grid 3.0 on mainnet) Helium will be able to run on top of the ThreeFold Grid. And from a hardware perspective, things could get very interesting …

Personally, I’m not aware of any conversations happening between ThreeFold and Helium but it’s definitely on my mind and something worth exploring.

Will report back if I hear of anything else! :pray:


it would be an amaaaazing collaboration for sure, if anyone knows them…


Amazing idea.

One amazing thing about TF is that it’s collaboration-friendly to so many blockchain projects.


@kristof your connection on LinkedIn Upal Basu | LinkedIn is a Board Observer at Helium.


Helium is affected by some of the same problems we are here.

Currently nodes can communicate to each other through a relay over their IOT interface if they are on a net without proper port forwarding or a public address. if we were able to partner with them they could use the work on zos to implement yggdrasil within their blockchain and that issue would be resolved. A helium miner would only need a private ip address to be fully accessible on the network and get rid of the relay status since they don’t need to be accessed by anyone but the helium team.

beyond that, every node on threefold would become a possible router for their traffic letting them pass connections more accurately and efficiently. the miners already run in a linux enviroment, even if we could just convice them to deploy ygg and peer it with the threefold net it would add 1000s of networks

last edit, deploying a validator on threefold with the miners integrated into the planetary network would be an interesting experiment, i can play with some routes on my helium lite miner tonight and see what is possible.


Will this only fix relayed status or does it bring other benefits for Helium miners? Since after May 11th, relayed status is a thing of the past due to the (partial) move to light hotspots.

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Fixing relay status isn’t nessecarily the only benefit, a functional deployment could lead to improved routing and network performance, I would have to find a way to actually quantify exactly why and how.

Im working on the partnership as we speak just wait till you see what i have planned for TFT, HNT,DPR, and KVSN. Its gonna be outta this friggin world :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl: :wink: :cowboy_hat_face:


Hey @KryoVs_Networks would you be able to elaborate on that? I’m interested in what kind of partnership you’re looking to achieve and who you’ve been in contact with?

Helium has very negative public perception now. This doesn’t appeal like it used to.

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@KryoVs_Networks im also interested in your plans. Is it your own plan or together with TF?

@FLnelson what do you mean? is it about the tech? The community or the Ecosystem? Maybe you have an example article

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The earning potential has recently collapsed I believe due to a recent update. Dev’s are apparently on it and trying to fix but there is a lot of people unhappy about investing and now not getting any earnings for the last 2/3 weeks.

Check out the Helium SubReddit for the complaints!


it will include threefold and one other blockchain vpn company. As well as a brick and mortar company owned by musk.

But my idea would def change that.

over the past month they deployed some new stuff that essentially made earning non existent for the miners. this led to a huge crash of the coin price from 20-30$ to >10$. My miner that was clearing a couple hundered a month is making about 30-40 now. As you can imagine theres been alot of people dropping off as miners.

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If don’t go with HELIUM why not with MATCH X?

I think Helium cooperated already in some way with Akash

but in general i see this kind of partnerships will be the way to go in near future.

…hmm something fishy about Match X - just my personal opinion. - their hardware costs 4-6 times more then the other alternatives, and i cannot see why it does not justify the cost.

in fact it cannot be justified. its way to much