Partnership with Helium?


I just found out there is somethign named “Helium” out there. I really didnt know that this is already out there for a long time xD - but now im amazed like i was when i have heared about Threefold. For me Helium and Threefold are similar projects.

How about a Partnership? they give 5G, we give the Computer Power and Grid behind…

Thoughts? …

I think about things like. Threefold-Nodes with built-in 5G or an 5G-Antenna for a self-created Node.

… or Helium hosts his stuff on the Threefold-Grid :crazy_face:

Maybe the TF-Team has better ideas? I just wanted to ask if this is new or if anyone from TF has already thought about Helium.

Thanks greetings flow


Hi, Flow!

Actually, last week I met with a large Helium miner here in Turkey who is also getting involved now with ThreeFold Farming. He shared about Helium & I shared about ThreeFold, and even though he is not part of the Helium “team,” it reminded me there are a lot of possibilities with Helium and ThreeFold.

At the very least, as you mentioned, (with the launch of TF Grid 3.0 on mainnet) Helium will be able to run on top of the ThreeFold Grid. And from a hardware perspective, things could get very interesting …

Personally, I’m not aware of any conversations happening between ThreeFold and Helium but it’s definitely on my mind and something worth exploring.

Will report back if I hear of anything else! :pray:


it would be an amaaaazing collaboration for sure, if anyone knows them…

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