Partnering with Sensorica

Hi all,

We’ve been having discussions with Sasha and others, coordinated by Vinicious, exploring possibilities to collaborate. I finally joined this forum to broaden this exchange.

I come from Sensorica, a decade-old open network engaging in material peer production. We work with web development groups to build tools that support material peer production. We currently operate on an aging server-client application that we call NRP-CAS for network resource planning and contribution accounting. We are in the process of developing the next generation NRP-CAS, mostly working with Holochain and hREA. On that front, we’re making baby steps, designing a series of proof of concept experiments / prototypes - more here.

Note that the OVN model that Sensorica uses has inspired countless communities and networks across the world. We are currently working with Internet of Production IoPA (mostly operating in the 3rd sector, NGO/nonprofit) on standards and tools to support peer production.

To be more clear, material peer production is about energy, food, medical and others: how open networks can complement and even replace vertically integrated supply chains.

INVITATION: Please take a closer look at the pilot project that we are doing with hREA / Holochain (second link above) and let’s explore possibilities of reproducing that with ThreeFold. This is an invitation to bridge the digital-physical divide :slight_smile:


Hi @tiberiusb

Good to read you.

Lots of great stuff happening!

Thanks for the links and welcome to the Threefold forum. :sunny:


The NRP is an essential framework we are very much looking forward to explore. TFT input is very valuable.

The NRP is also an essential dimension in the 4th Sector project - Lebanon

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