Owncloud - Powered by Threefold (upcoming launch program)

we are planning the launch of OWNCLOUD POWERED BY THREEFOLD, a very slick and mature file collaboration platform with almost 20 years in the market and over 200m users.

Threefold takes this cool product to the next level ensuring its users the sovereignty, privacy, scalability and performance they desire, added to the cost efficiency of threefold powered workloads

Who’s keen to join the 3 month launch program and be part of onboarding a key Threefold partner ?

update: we are still ironing out the details but essentially we will offer our community a 3 month freemium/discounted (see comment below) subscription to OWNCLOUD POWERED BY THREEFOLD

remark - freemium vs discounted: we are aiming for a full sponsored freemium subscription for 3 months but this is subject to rallying sufficient sponsorship of capacity (TFT) to run 10k users for 3 months… logically this equates to quite a few to #TFT :slight_smile:

technically speaking, we are ready having grid 3.0 on mainnet, we have already developed the weblet for automated deployment of owncloud enterprise 10.8 and we have a draft marketing campaign to launch in the next week or so…

next week i will update this forum with our progress, but expect this program to launch in the near term. We are super excited !!!


@chris_hutton Could you provide some info on what’s expected from the participants and a bit more on the launch program ?

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I am interested in joining the launch program.


I am in! Happy to be part of that.


This is excactly what I’ve been looking for and I am excited about it!

Personally this will be my first use case and I’d be gladfully part of the first ones to use it.
Be it promotions on my Twitter account or letting my community know about this amazing solution for their private data.


we are making good progress on having this platform ready and available to go. In a nutshell:

  • you will have to have a TF Connect app with a verified 3bot ID.
  • there will be a platform on which you can announce your interest to have a Owncloud freemium / discounted account. As we will have to spend actual TFT’s to do this, we will do this from a “launch project” wallet. Sending TFT’s to individuals who then self procure the Owncloud instance will attract people (not you all off course) that have other use cases for the TFT’s given. Hence a somewhat centralized provisioning process with dentralized Owncloud deployments. It’s still a “one click” trick.

I have seen the internal deployment and it looks good.

Request form:

Approval platform:

Fully automated, once approved the freemium will be up and running for 3 months. We’re still considering / planning included features and how a transition to a paid for account will work.

Also we have identified interested farmers that want to help to deploy this and “donate” their capacity to run this freemium on.

@chris_hutton Sorry to jump the gun on your update but very excited about the progress we made. :slight_smile:

Any suggestion and interests to be involved on the support / operational side of this: Please let us know here.


Super exciting! Looking forward to the launch :rocket:

I may want to personally use this service and replace my big tech cloud drive usage if possible


WE ARE FINALLY MOVING FORWARD ON THIS EXCITING PILOT PROJECT… i know its been a little slow but we have been working hard in the background building toward the launch of this OWNCLOUD POWERED BY THREEFOLD pilot program.

You can expect see announcements in the next couple weeks output from our joint marketing collaboration incl: press release, joint community webinars, online demo videos, and tech blogs

…slowly but surely, its coming !!!


Would love to try it and participate in the pilot program!

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Ready to give a try! Bring it on!
I could try it on the roastery material, could be fun

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This is super exciting. We’re ready to help!

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I would like to participate. Threefold is the future of hosting.

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I would like to participate too!

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Good responses, I :heart: it. I have seen the deployer control mechanism and how this will serve people to get started. Just FYI, since everything on the grid is token-based, the actual trials do cost money. We did not want to end up to have to deposit TFT’s in people’s wallets and have no control over whether they would deploy or not. And this little sizing exercise show that the TFT funding needed is still substational for a 1000 people 3 months freemium:

So it’s a substantial amount of tokens per user and we do not want this to be perceived as a token drop, it’s for people that are seriously interested in experiencing Owncloud as a service on the TF Grid.

(PS: These are not final numbers, so please don’t question / dispute them. We have all the logic and are no “rightsizing” the deployment to match expectations of a “average” user and create a good experience.)

Excited, more to come very soon!


I would like to participate.

New to Threefold but eager to try out things and learn.

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I’m in!! Great job!!

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So we are really getting this owncloud freemium u pto steam now. The operations team is looking at how to support to support these deployments, we’re talking to a larger farmer to use his farms to host all these instances and ramping up a campaign to find more people that have not heard about ThreeFold.

Exciting times!


Exciting times indeed! Thanks for the update, Weynand :pray: