Owncloud experience and problems

I have deployed a owncloud weblet on my own node on mainnet.

I manage to login as admin, hurray!

However, I have problems:

  • to setup a smtp server (transport is none)
  • to change a users password, I am able to add a new user and set the password but the user can’t signin
  • to activate a user that tried to signin with TF connect
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Hello there! Please follow our Wiki guidelines for assistance:


Thank you for the reply. @tullysinc. I looked at that page already and followed the steps. However, the problem I have is how to enable/choose the TF connect login. I couldn’t find the settings and the doc only mentioned that there is a settings. Where? Furthermore, I see the TF login button, but it does not allow me to login. The error says:

 User disabled, please contact the administrator to enable this account

I don’t see an option to enable the user “examplename.3bot” in the admin panel.

Another question is how the access is secured? It looks like the admin user password is stored in the deploy contract. Does it mean everybody can see it? How is the installation of owncloud protected?

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@fried you need to login with admin account and enabled these users who attempted to login with TF Connect, if you think about it, TF Connect is only for authentication, doesn’t say anything about authorization. So, to protect that owncloud instance, the users who attempted to login need to be administratively enabled.

And no, even if the data is passed to environment variables during deployments only the owner of the deployment can retrieve it, anyone else trying to get the deployment will get 404

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Thanks much @ahmedthabet for assisting in. Appreciate your help.

@ahmedthabet I see the user that tried to use TF Connect, however, I don’t see an option in the settings to enable it. I couldn’t find anything about that in the documentation neither.

This is from the list of users when I am logged in as admin:
Screenshot from 2022-05-03 09-30-37

It’s definitely not obvious from the first sight


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