On the FTX crash and the TFT model

I remember when FTX bought Liquid and many of us were wondering about the implications of the acquisition and what it might mean (in a good way) for the token… Then came the Liquid delisting and the reminder of the risks that come with centralized exchanges. Now, I just saw that Liquid halted all withdrawals, related to the FTX crash. (Good thing we’re no longer listed there, no?)

I’ve been listening to @kristof warn about all these types of things for so long. & I’m proud of what we as a team and a community are building together, and particularly proud in these moments of all the work that’s been done on the tokenomics and the regional Internet model to create a balanced and sustainable token economy in the long-term.

On that note, I would recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it yet to also watch the recording of last week’s tokenomics and regional Internet call.


You guys were spot on with the risks of listing on a CEX.


Memory spans are too short on the cex listing topic, the risks far outweigh the benifits at this stage.

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