On chain minting - coming soon to a Grid near you

I am pleased to announce that preliminary work is underway to implement on chain minting for nodes on the Grid. Here’s the quick outline of what this can mean:

  1. Able to be fully automated (always on time), or graduated to fully automatic after some period of testing
  2. No need for farmers to add a Stellar wallet address to their farm, and every farm is automatically eligible for payouts at its associated TF Chain address
  3. Nodes can mint on a ~30 day cycle from when they first came online, rather than all minting at once at the beginning of each month

There’s no ETA for when we can expect to see this live yet, but it’s scheduled for a future major release of TF Chain. Needless to say, this will be a much welcomed improvement to the minting process that will simplify things both for our farmers and also our developers who are currently responsible for running the minting process manually.

This also means that minting events after the change could be queried with standard TF Chain tooling like GraphQL, rather than requiring a separate centralized server to host and display the minting receipts. This will be a step towards further decentralization and transparency for the Grid, and an important part of making it an easily reproducible system that can scale to serve the whole planet.

If you have any questions about the coming on chain minting system, let me know in the replies and I’ll work on getting them answered :slight_smile: