November 22nd 3Node Team Update: Shipping, Compensation, Upgrading the Process, & More!

Hi all –

Last Monday, we shared the Mid-November Titan 2.1 Update. If you missed it, please take a look. Moving forward you can expect weekly updates from the 3Node Team here on the forum and as always we invite you to our Farmers Chat.

So, where are we today?


As stated last week, we have shipped 90% of all European orders that were placed up until early November, and for which we have received the necessary farm info!

Our provisioning partner is preparing the US, Canada, and Mexico batches and by the end of this month, we will begin shipping the first batch to North America, representing 60% of the total orders that have completed information.

When that batch goes out, we will communicate which orders have gone out on this thread.

Compensation for Unexpected 3Node Configuration Issue

A small number of 3Nodes had unexpected configuration issues on arrival. Scott and the team worked hard to get this resolved and in the end, we decided to compensate those farmers with $TFT to make up for tokens they missed out on due to these issues. Affected farmers are all aware of this and can expect to receive those $TFT in their wallets no later than Thursday.

Upgrading the Process

This time around, we received many more orders than we were prepared to accommodate. This, along with the global hardware shortage resulted in the team needing to simply find the best ways to get things done as best as possible.

In the spirit of optimizing as we go, we are finalizing new ways to automate and decentralize a lot of the steps in the process. This includes automated communication, clearer ways of finding the status of your order, moving to a model where 3Nodes can only be ordered if they are in stock (otherwise you can sign up to get notified), and partnering with more regional provisioners to better fit the needs of those geographical areas.

This is very exciting for everyone on all sides, and we can’t wait to roll this out!

Expanding Support

Major thanks to the support team who is doing a fantastic job of responding to dozens if not hundreds of inbound requests per day on support chat, on Telegram, and via email. For now, support is available Monday through Friday from 8am CET to 12am CET.

We are making the steps to expand support to 24/7 to accommodate our growing global community of farmers, and we will let you know when this change is in effect. In the meantime, thanks for your patience during our off hours.

Communication Channels

As a reminder, we have a few channels for communication and they have different purposes.

  • TF Connect, Live Chat & Email: For specific requests related to your orders
    • Live Chat can be found on the bottom-right corner of our websites (blue icon)
    • Our support email for 3Node orders is
    • General info email is
  • Telegram Farmers Chat: For updates from the team and conversations around ThreeFold Farming
    • Note: Some updates are also sent out via email but we recommend joining the Farming Chat to stay as updated as possible
  • Forum: An organized hub of resources for the ThreeFold Farming community.
    • We would recommend checking the forum before reaching out to the support team or asking on Telegram, as many answers can be found there

Many thanks for taking the time to read. More to come as we have it, and you can expect another general update early next week!

The 3Node Team

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Hi all, happy to share that all farmers who faced the configuration issue with Titan Nodes (and resolved it with our team) have been sent their $TFT.

Note there are still a few folks out there who stopped responding mid-process who need to get back to us. If that’s one of you, please get in touch with the support team so we can wrap things up!