Nodes offline after IP change / modem reboot

Excited to have the first 3nodes running in Thailand :slight_smile:

One cool thing is that port forwarding isn’t required so we can run nodes without access to the router and even behind the horrid CGNAT.

Unfortunately I’m stuck with a prepaid 4G modem at the moment since I never stay in the same place long enough to get a land line.

After some testing I’ve noticed that my nodes will always go offline after a modem reboot.
I’m not sure if this is due to local IP change, external IP change, or both.

I’ll be testing to set the DHCP server to reserve local IPs for the 3Node mac addresses as soon as I have a router capable of doing so. I will also test routing all traffic through openvpn server with static IP once I can.

However even if this does work, it’s not an optimal solution for the average user who might just want to plug in a bit of spare hardware, without getting in to network/routing stuff.

At the moment, I have my modem set to reboot via a smart plug + python script if the internet connection drops for more than 5 minutes. Sadly this means about 3 reboots a day on average.

With an average of ~20 minutes required to reboot and bootstrap my 3nodes, this gives me at minimum 1 hour of down time per day. This makes it almost impossible for me to maintain 95% uptime.

So apart from the fact that I should have a better ISP solution, I’m wondering if anyone can suggest a solution to bring nodes back online after IP change / modem reboot, without having to reboot and re-bootstrap the nodes?

Any suggestions welcome! :vulcan_salute:

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Excellent question!

I think that your idea here will work:
“Testing to set the DHCP server to reserve local IPs for the 3Node mac addresses”

I think a modem reboot is something that will not occur often for the general farmer.

Thank you for the encouragement @Mik!

Indeed external IP change doesn’t seem to be a problem. Reboot & Re-bootstrapping is only required if local IP changes.

So in my case, reserving IPs or simply placing a router that stays online during modem reboot between the modem and 3nodes works like a charm now.


OK that’s very nice to know. I’ll document this for farmers who want to explore such configurations!

Thanks @rasputin

Happy TFarming!

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