Node with working IPv4 Adress hard to finde

I’m just trying to deploy a VM on a node with an IPv4 adress.
I was working my way through the list of capacity filtered nodes:

4Vcores, 2048 RAM, 15 GB SSD, US - that were my specs.

I got a nice list with nodes.

All of them, failed with taking the deployment.
Usually I got the message, there are not enough IP addresses availiable:

So somehow there are nodes running and offering IP-addresses but they somehow are not availiable for deployments.

The last one was most promising, but failed after the 5 minute timeout:

So far I just had deployed nodes on the planetary network and had just little issues (mostly with the 5 minutes timeout). But that all nodes of one country fail to deploy with an IPv4 address is kind of disappointing.

Hello @randynho, I have notified the team, and they are looking into it as we speak. Will keep you posted as and when we have an update.

As far as I understand, you do not have a free public IP, so I suggest you use the capacity filter and try to deploy. Also, freefarm right now accesses their solutions over the planetary network.
And the second error usually happens on the first time a node deploys a certain flist, and it’s just not finishing the image download in under five usually; reattempting after about 5-10 minutes, hopefully, it will work.

I used the filter, after setting my configuration. It just gave me a couple of Nodes. I parallel checked those Nodes on the node explorer dashboard. They all had reported at last 1 free IPv4 address.
So somehow the nodes have configured / reported an IP that is not usable.
After the last node, which had >10 IPs available at the dashboard, also failed (I know the reason s different) I decided to write a post here.

I would say 100% of nodes reporting 1 ip available are wrong. They have none.

To remove false positives, it can help to ask for nodes with at least 2 public IPs:


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