Node didnt receive payment

My farm only had 5 of its 6 nodes receive a payout in this latest batch. It’s been up 99-100% over the last 3 months and has received payments previously. Wondering what might have happened here and who should I contact to get it resolved? Farm ID 2097, Node ID is 3731.

Thanks -

They have not reported minting to be finished, after it is if you still are missing some use the chat at

Minting is indeed not finished, comments stating otherwise are false.

I was unaware that the minting process now went in random selection of nodes instead of numerically down the list. The node in question had nodes with later ID’s in my farm get paid, which - combined with 12 hrs since that last node reward - led me to believe there was an issue. This node did finally get paid this morning.

For future reference, is there any indicator we can look at to see if minting has been finished or if its still in work?

They post when it starts and ends on telegram typically, or you can generally look there and someone has asked and it been answered in the past few hours.