No, your server isn't failing, its being used!

I woke at 3am to a blood curdling fan scream. “JFC what is going on, must be fan failure!”

So naturally I turn it off so I can fix it in the morning. My agenda today was to rebuild this guy on a Dell. Luckily I noticed 33 cores were reserved before I did so!

So, my apologies to whoever deployed on node 26. I will keep in on. I will have some schedule maintenance later this week as I switch from HP to Dell, but keeping the same disk config.

PS As I’m writing this, I hear another server taking off. Calling a DC tomorrow.


So what happens to the deployment? Will it restart automatically?

It shouldn’t hurt anything as long as I didn’t didn’t interrupt something.



Yes, deployments start back up after a power interruption on a node. They will run their specified init command again but have no way of returning to the exact state they were at when powering down.