No ssd detected. can i use an m2 ssd (CLOSED)

Good afternoon all. I am currently building my first DIY 3node. I have successfully installed the operating system but the node is reported as not registered although it does display my id and name. I believe this is due to the SDD not being detected. At the moment i have a WD 1TB NVMe SSD connected to the MB via an adaptor in a PCIe slot.
So my first question is will this work or do i need to purchase a SATA SSD drive?

Thanks in advance

If the ssd isn’t detected it normally give an ssd not detected in red on that screen. It can take 30 minutes to register the first time, did you wait? If you did wait, did you wipe the ssd first?

Hi and thanks for replying and yes i have done both. I cleaned and formatted the SSD as FAT 32.
I do get the text in red

There’s your issue. Formatting is not wiping. Plug in a live Linux USB and run wipefs. There’s a how to on wiping on the forum. I’d link but I’m on mobile.

Ok so if i wipe in windows but dont reformat it may work.
Thank you

Yes, I think running clean with diskpart should work. Haven’t personally done it but it should.

That worked, brilliant, thank you

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