No rewards in Juli and August? (Closed)

Hello there, my farm is Affoltern ID 891. It is a Titan. I plugged it in and did not do much since I cannot connect any monitor to it. I migrated it to V3 in the app.

So far so good, everything was working.

I now checked my Wallet today and saw, that I did not receive any TFT in Juli and August? Is this because of a display error or did I really not make any TFT? Is there a way to check? If I did not farm anything, what problemsolving workflow do you suggest?

Thank you all in advance.

I am sorry to hear @affoltern! Having checked I do see that your node is offline. Can you contact us on our live chats, by clicking on the blue chat icon on the right corner of this screen or from your TF connect app please?

Having checked I do see that your node is offline.

@affoltern on further investigation, we have come to see that your node has been offline for the last 2 months, roughly it went offline on the 28th of May and did not come back on ever since, which as resulted in no payouts in July and Aug. The only work around this to reboot your node. Connect it to a screen like a TV or Monitor using a HDMI cable, so you can see if there is an issues being projected by the ZOS boot-up.

Hey @Amanda.
I don’t want to open new thread for this. I have just spent my first month with TFT and I don’t see any rewards. I just want to make sure I did everything correctly with my setup.
Would it be possible to check this?
Farm id = 2497
Node id = 4273

Hello @mrpresident , Welcome to the Family firstly. You should receive your rewards by the 8th. Rewards are generally distributed by the 8th of every month.

Hey Amanda!
Thank you! :slight_smile:
Oh, I think i have seen 5th and 6th as rewards date, so it’s all cool then. I will let you know if tomorrow comes with reward.

@mrpresident It used to be the 5th or the 6th, but for the last 3 months it has moved to the 8th. Yes, please do let us know if do not receive it tomorrow.


Hey @Amanda. I haven’t received rewards :frowning:

@mrpresident, I have just got confirmation that minting is still in process. So please do not worry you will get paid.

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hi @mrpresident. The minting process is taking a lot longer than normal because the stellar ledger has been “busier” than normal. Please check here

So it’s taking longer than expected, hope it will finish soon and the reward will show up in your wallet.

Thanks @weynandkuijpers!
I’m not worried if reward comes in a few days later. I just want to be sure that I did everything right on my setup.

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Hey all. I can confirm, rewards received! :slight_smile:


Great! Happy farming.