No network card detected in Zeros Z490 mobo

I just built my first node.

I had an Asrock Z490 Steel Legend motherboard (Bios version 1.90, the latest)
Paired it with an i3-10100T
4 x 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance RGB RT DDR4 at 3600 MHZ
Samsung 980 M.2 1000 GB PCI Express 3.0 V-NAND NVMe

The Z490 comes with a 2.5 Gigabit LAN Dragon RTL8125BG chip

I disabled CSM
The LAN is enabled in the BIOS

Upon booting I got the message “No network card detected”

I disconnected the USB with Zeros and connected a SSD with Windows 10 and it booted with an Ethernet connection.
Then switched back to the Zeros USB but got the same notification.

What can I do?

Hmm, this is the first I’ve seen of an issue with a modern NIC. Do you have a network card lying around you can try with?

While I also haven’t heard of a modern nic not working,

I found some documentation of that Realtek device requiring some additional drivers in mint, this may be related and solvable in a similar fashion. Here’s the link to what I found

Looks like Ubuntu shares the problem,

Someone from the team will likely chime in late tonight when it’s Monday in Belgium as they would have to add in the drivers

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Unfortunately I do not have a network card lying around…

I will wait for a reply from the Belgian team.

Will PCI-e NIC cards work with ZerOS?
Is there a white or black list?

I have found some cheap ones.

PCI-e cards do work Intel works really reliably, if your very familiar with Linux this is a pretty common problem with nics. I use x540s and have zero trouble, all of my dell servers the broadwell cards were incompatible

The cheapest NIC I could find arrived today.

It has a Realtek RTL8111G chip

It works!

Node is up and running.
I see the screen I am supposed to see.

28 W, I guess because of the RGB RAM I purchased…

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