No more minting on testnet?

Hello there !

I didn’t receive March’s minting for my testnet node, so I asked Scott about what happened

He told me that apparently there is no more minting for testnet nodes ?

If this is true, farmers should have been warned to move their nodes from testnet to mainnet before this change happened

IMHO there should be minting for testnet, this network is a great opportunity to test new features before going to mainnet and this allocation of resources deserve reward

Hi, there is still minting on testnet, but payout hadn’t taken place yet. That should have been arranged by now. Please check (it can also be that minting address was not correct).

Yes I received the payment for March, thank you !

Would it be possible to get the minting at the same moment as mainnet ? Would be easier to follow if there was some payment issues.

They should both happen at the same time (well, date). IF not then the human-chain has had a failure. Moving forward minting will move in-chain and no longer depends on this human-chain. :rocket:

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So I suppose there was a human-chain failure for this month too ! :laughing:

Could you please verify ? Didn’t get my April’s minting :frowning:

HI @archit3kt. No human chain error. Can you give me (DM if you don’t want to share here: telegram - @weynandkuijpers) details on your farm. wallet addres, node ID and farm ID / name?