No disk registration failed

Hello everyone!!
I can’t install my 3nood because the disk is not registration.
If someone can help me

Hmmm the first thing to check would be: Is the SSD visible in bios? Did you wipe it completely? Even a few bytes of data on the SSD will cause problems.

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Hello Gosam
I confirm that i wipe it completely but I don’t see the disk on the BIOS .
In attached the Main Information IMG20220813074744|666x500

i had the same problem. use WipeFS in Linux. use: sudo wipefs -a $i /dev/sda
That worked for me

For all involved: this is a gifted, non BIOS locked TitanV2. I provided a boot key, but made the (stupid) mistake to use a wrong farm ID -> therefore the node did not register properly.

We got through re-imaging the USB in the US and got it registerd. The nod then moved to Central African Republic and refused to register. I advised to clean the disks, download a new boot image and re-register. This process is dragging a long for a very long time.

So - in short:

  • it standard, certified hardware.
  • non-locked bios (I unlocked)
  • previous registration succesful
  • need to wipe disk and reregister.

@Arcadinho It should be straightforward:

  • boot node with ubuntu installer
  • open terminal
  • ls -al /dev/nvme0*
  • which ever device (not partition, so lose the p0 or p1 at the end of the listed devices

Description of the proces is here

this should work at the command prompt (terminal):

sudo -i
for i in /dev/nvme*; do wipefs -a $i; done
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Thank Weynand !!
I will try this and I will come back to you.

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A big thank you to all those who supported the installation of 3NODE RCA.!!!IMG_20220816_155412

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