Nixos operating system (draft, still issues)

nixos is a very cool distro to play with see
You can litteraly in couple of clicks go from VM creation to full blown multi container machine.

Everything is described in simple declarative config files.

Some links

nix packages deploy using micro vm on mainnet

this is only nixpackages not nixos, for nixos we need a full VM

  • deployer on
  • use flist
  • entrypoint is / , this is important or you will not be able to login

You should see something like

after successful deploy you can use the following to get into the machine
now you can ssh into the machine

ssh -A root@ipaddr

I use ‘codeserver’ on the nixos to access the config file and make changes.

deploy using terraform

see also Terraform guide for Grid deployments

My example see


played a lot more with it, its super powerful but not for the faint of hearth
but its so cool it runs on the TFGRID now

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