Nice example of how we can decentralize and diversify the communication about ThreeFold

Want to thank ThreeFold support team member @ashishbansal for leading by example on this one!

Last week, out of nowhere, Ash shot me a draft for a post about how a decentralized Internet could benefit his home country of India. I gave it a read, made some suggestions, and sent it back to him. Just like that, ThreeFold has a new blog post, which Ashish also shared on Quora, I put on Reddit, and now it lives on our forum.

A decentralized movement is all about decentralized participation. The more the community talks about ThreeFold, the more momentum we gain. And the beauty of ThreeFold is that there are so many ways in, so many topics to explore and create content about, so many different perspectives.

Imagine if we all started to talk about ThreeFold from our unique perspectives, driven by our unique passions … Imagine who we could impact, how we could grow … I believe the network effect would be massive.

As always I am here to support the community. Feel free to shoot me ideas, drafts, questions, feedback. Together we build.