New – what do you think?

Yesterday we pushed live a new!

We feel it’s more direct (powerful) and to the point and does a better job of explaining who we are and what we do. Soon we’ll be adding a new community page and a page for developers. And we’ll optimize as we get both qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 4.02.31 PM

What do you think? Any feedback? Suggestions? Notice something that needs fixing? Feel free to leave it here in the comments or directly on GitHub.

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As I understand it, the context to “From Zero to One" describes the process of creating something radically new and taking it to the first step (or intensive growth). The phrase is used in contrast to the term “1 to n” (or extensive growth), which means creating incremental improvements to what is already familiar. For most people, it is easier to do things from “1 to n” than from “zero to one”, so the vast majority of human effort is done on “1 to n” tasks. Zero to One is also the title of Peter Thiel’s book on startups. This Zero to One header will absolutely resonate with anyone with a tech background and I really like it. I just wonder if it will confuse any website visitors who are less tech-savvy ? I’m sure you’ve had this debate internally but just in case I thought I would surface the issue as well as find out what others on this thread think ? As I said I really like the header as is.

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I note you’ve dropped the ‘From Zero to One’ and i must say I think the home page is now even better. I have a further suggestion, on the home page it says “In just a few steps, achieve unparalleled privacy and endless scalability on our peer-to-peer cloud. Our prices will shock you”. I suggest that you consider substituting 'delight ’ for ‘shock’