New liquidity pool on pancakeswap?

Hi all, as PancakeSwap is the most active trading place for TFT do we plan to set up a new liquidity pool? Reason being that BUSD availability is rapidly decreasing and probably soon ppl will not use this stablecoin. Thus the question how do we manage the BSC liquidity untill the new solution is ready (as we cannot wait 6 months for the new solution)?

Well, there is the XLM pool, which has some size do to a large stake done a few months ago. TF doesn’t officially add liquidity as far as I know.

Not sure how it is maintained. In any case I see it as a goal to be decentralised and multichain. There were plans for expansion to other chains like ETH (which seam to be on hold now), so losing liquidity on BSC seams to me like a big risk…

@petar see: Decomission BSC bridge and pegged token

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Hello Petar,

I agree that sufficient liquidity is very important but I don’t think it is up to the foundation to fund the liquidity pools. Anyone can provide liquidity by adding TFT-“their preferred token” on pancakeswap.

Yes anyone can do it, but not anyone has sufficient amounts of tokens to provide significant liquidity. Thus we would need a coordinated pool were farmers would add the liquidity, and the foundation is in the best place to do the coordination. Also someone started and maintains the TFT-BUSD pair so it is logical for the largest provider in that pool to propose the alternative to BUSD as this stablecoin is rapidly decreasing in supply.

Total pool between the xlm and usdc pair is about $60. I have 10% of the XLm pool.

60$? I dont get it. So what happends if someone wants to buy 200$ of TFT? Perhaps I missunderstand something.

sorry, 60k! That’s between the two pools.

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That makes more sense :slight_smile: The BSC pool is around 50k in total now. Which means no significant buys will happen with such a low liquidity as the price impact is too high. And the sales that the project team is doing OTC dont help either…