NEW FEATURE 3.9.x or 4.x: actor based client for TFGrid

story: actor based client for TFGrid

Actor based development is the way how to do large scale automation and sysadmin, we want to use V to create a client which supports this mechanism.


The repo with example how docs will look like on:

some concepts


  • a very well defined DSL
  • all used models in ZOS and TFGrid for provisioning documented in V (structs, autogen docs)
  • create actor methods which use those models, document those methods well also using V
  • the generated documentation is easy to read
  • the actors and models are complete: TFChain, ZOS delivery, TFProxy, TFHub, … anything relevant to the TFGrid ecosystem
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does large scale automation mean you have enterprises in mind? large communities? Thanks

its usable by any target market, anyone who wants to manage an environment in an autonomous way will need something like this paradigm in my opinion.

its more about level of complexity, once something becomes more complex, thats what I meant with large scale.