New Certified 3Node on the Marketplace

Hey everyone,

I’ve been busy the past couple months working on my new business, Duck Farm Data. After many design iterations and countless component returns (I’m surprised I haven’t been banned from Newegg at this point) I’m excited to announce a new certified 3node available on the Marketplace. This is a quad-core, 64gb RAM, 1tb SSD 3node, which earns about 650 TFT per month, making it the lowest ROI certified 3node to date.

At this time we are only shipping to the US, if you are in the US and cannot see the item, make sure your location is set correctly on the website.

I’m proud/ashamed to say I have reached peak millennial as I now have a crypto and a cannabis company. (I should note I am an absolute square and my only affiliation with cannabis is selling growers pesticides).

Depending on the success of this, I have 2 more models almost ready to release, a mini-PC and an 8 core model!


That looks great Nelson. Wonderful work on this. It must have taken you quite some time and planning.

Can’t wait to see the following 2 models.

Let’s New Internet!

Good work Nelson, have you shared this link with other communities?
I’m sure you are going to get the usual questions like idle power consumption, and “ROI” term people often through around.

I’ve only been attempting deals with youtubers so far. Ideas on where I should share?

Just make your own youtube videos about it. Not sure what your hopes are for sales but I imagine there’s a tough spot where if you sell too many but not enough it could be hard to balance your paid employment and path to full self-employment. If you have a somewhat slow controlled increment in sales you can more easily make incremental changes to handle it

Consider cross posting to odysee/lbry and setting up a peertube deployment (on your own 3node farm)

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Well done, brother :clap: :clap: :clap:

Yes, balancing the two will be interesting. By limiting my online stock to what I have on hand I can avoid waking up to 100’s of orders and panicking.

I will check out those websites tonight, looks interesting. Anything to move away from youtube.

How did you get it certified?

For real…I actually run a couple goldshell lb-box miners to help support that blockchain. When I see someone I follow have content on odysee I unsubscribe on youtube and switch over.

I haven’t messed with peertube but given that has a weblet it could be a way to recycle tft back into the ecosystem.

My first impression of the content was, wow, its like it’s already customized for the content I like. Meanwhile it seems the media has labelled it youtube for the for right. ¯_(ツ)_/¯