Nelson's DIY Farming Videos

Community member known as “Nelson” (@Flnelson) on Telegram has created two high quality videos about DIY farming and how to boot nodes on the Grid.

Update - January 11: Nelson added a third video on how to migrate to Grid v3. This video is spot on and well needed at the moment.

I proposed a grant of 500 TFT. After some discussion with the team and community, the feeling is that this number was too low. Updated proposal is 500 TFT per video, for a total of 1500 now and consideration of new videos as they’re released.

If you’d like to send Nelson a tip for his work (separate from the grant), his TFT address is GB7XGHQ3NRVPW5SDGLRVYOX523PTYPEOHNPD5SBY4XMKIWRTZ44VYSN6.


Looking forward to the v3 upgrade, these videos will encourage lots of new DIY farmers


amaazing videos indeed

Great videos indeed!!!
Wonderful community effort. :slight_smile:
Thanks for uploading and pointing it out @scott and thanks for creating @Flnelson :pray:

Here, here! I agree @scott. Going to send some TFT from my wallet, too.

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YesI did it as well :slight_smile: :money_with_wings:
Good call @Scott and really like his effort :nerd_face:

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Thanks for the grant and tips yall! -Nelson


Dear Nelson,

Thank you for your work:

Look forward to more :slight_smile: