Need a list with minimum prerequisites to become a farmer

Hi everyone !

I love the project and the idea and I’d like to participate by putting some of my computer ressources on the network (like 8 vCPU and 32 Gb of RAM to start small)

I do not find a list of minimum requirements for the hardware, the only thing i found is to have a CPU not older than 4 years… Is there a list somewhere I could use ? Which can tell if ECC ram is mandatory, if we can run 0-OS in a virtualmachine for example ? Minimum disk topology in SAS, NVME, SATA ?

Thanks for any inputs !

Hi @naturecrypto and welcome :slight_smile:

We don’t really have a hard requirement list cause we try to make 0-OS run on most systems. If you can run a “normal” Linux distribution on your systems, chances are 0-OS will run just fine on those.

Regarding the disks, the best is to try to give to the most raw disk possible. So if you have some raid controller and you can disable it, do it. At first boot, 0-OS will claims all the disk it finds by formatting them and creates new partitions and file system. This mean you should not have any data that you want to keep on the disks, those will be lost.

You can run 0-OS in a virtual machine for testing, but be aware that VMs are not eligible for farming. This means node running in a VM does NOT generate tokens.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi @zaibon ! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:, yes it helps a lot !

That’s a shame we can’t do a big 0-OS VM, even if it would be nested virtualization it could bring some neat power to the community (by forcing ressource reservation for example) and allow peculiars like me to use their personal machine and rent the rest of the capacity to other people

I don’t imagine a lot of peculiars would run mini-datacenters in their home, but powerful / customized servers for their NAS / multimedia / auto hosting needs and rent the rest to people who needs it, yeah I can imagine that easily :slight_smile:

What do you mean by that?

Actually 0-OS works in VM. It’s just that it would not generate farming tokens. But any capacity sold would still by paid to you. So maybe there is still something to be done there.

I mean dedicating CPU and RAM resources to the 0-OS VM so they won’t be used by other VM or system processes and will always be available to the 0-OS VM, guarantying performance for the customer

I read the documentation but I don’t get the “generating farming tokens” part. Is this threefold mining of TFT ? Where can I find informations on this ?

That’s good news we can sell capacity of a VM :slight_smile: thanks for taking the time to explain to me !

Ok got it :+1:

You can find some information about farming and a lot of other topics on the wiki:

I missed the tokenomics part :sweat_smile: makes a lot more sense now why a VM can’t generate tokens ! :laughing:

Thank you for your kind answers, I will clearly give 0-OS a try in the next months and report back here ! :slight_smile: