MSPs are a great partner for Threefold, lets get them onboard!

MSPs - Managed Service Providers, are IT Business that give IT Support to several regular business.

The MSPs are the ones that choose where the workload of their clients is going to be alocated, it can be AWS, Azure on any other cloud like Threefold, its up to the MSP to choose, and the client goes with the recomendation, it is also the MSP that will deploy the workload on the selected cloud and maintain it, usualy the MSP will also pay for the service, and resell it to the client with a small percentage on top. Sometimes the client doesnt even know where the server/service is, they just want it to work.

Another advantage of MSPs, is that being technical IT business, they will more easily undertstand the advantages of Threefold, and start tinkering with a blockchain solution, also they have the tecnical staff to start looking into the documentation and testing.

Having said all this, I think it would be extremely beneficial to threefold to create a partner program for MSPs, this would give MSps the incentive to test the technology and start using it!

I really think this could be a great leveraging tool for Threefold.

Very well said and believe me we are and have been chasing MSP’s to come on board. We have a few cooking and hopefully we can come forward with a few names very shortly.

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