Mid-November 3Node Team Update: Where We Are, What's Coming

An Update on Titan v2.1 Node Shipping

Hi there – the past weeks and months were crazy. We got tons of Titan v2.1 orders, sent most of the European orders out, have been preparing for the Americas, and crossed an important milestone in our movement with more than 1,000 farms online across 54 countries!

This is huge and keeps on confirming that we’re the largest and most distributed peer-to-peer internet infrastructure in the world. A massive thank you to all of our farmers, new and old, for helping us to expand the ThreeFold Grid and changing the Internet as we know it.

Here’s a general update of where we’re at these days.


Currently, we have shipped 90% of all European orders that were placed up until early November, and for which we have received the necessary farm information. Later in November, we will begin shipping the first batch to the Americas, representing 60% of the total orders that have completed information.

Why are we shipping in batches?

Due to a global shortage of semiconductors affecting hardware vendors globally, we decided to ship the Titan v2.1 in batches as hardware becomes available. We have changed our process and are no longer shipping from out of Europe alone, we now have a US distributor as well and are looking for distributors in other regions. This will allow us to scale faster in the future.

Tracking recent node shipments

  • A new batch of European Titan v2.1 just shipped. We are at 90% deliveries done for Europe.
  • Our distributor in US expects to be able to send 60% of the US orders still this month.

You can find more information on shipments on the Order Status post. If your order number is not on this list, please contact us.

Please note:

1. Please know we are committed to getting your 3Node to you as quickly as possible. In case you don’t want to wait let us know on our chat on the website, someone else will be happy to receive their order sooner.
2. To be able to ship faster we decided to allow some more flexibility in the cases we use, as such we cannot guarantee our original specified form factor.


To help you, we do some of the administration for you, please provide you farm name, wallet address, and your preferred socket type (electricity plug type) in our Form. If you haven’t done this, please do so.

In Summary

We would like to thank you for the massive amount of orders we received, we did not prepare for that many requests at that time. The future process will be different, much more decentralised by nature and we will have more stock availability.

We thank you for your patience! We just can’t wait to get all Titan v2.1 orders to all our new farmers.

If you do have more questions, please feel free to reply to this post or visit the Titan v2.1 FAQ section of the forum here.

In case of any issues about your specific order, we kindly ask you to contact our live support team on threefold.io or on the ThreeFold Connect app. We can’t process them on the official telegram due to confidentiality agreements with farmers.

We’re thrilled to have all new farmers joining us during very exciting times as we’ve got solid news around ThreeFold Grid 3.0, and incredible proof of concepts and another farming milestone coming up soon!

Together we rise - this is the People’s Internet!