Marketing Plan Specs

ThreeFold Marketing Plan

ThreeFold is an open source peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure for the people, by the people. The 3rd release of our technology marks an important step towards the horizon of a People’s Internet, with all activities on the ThreeFold Grid being registered in the ThreeFold Blockchain.

As ThreeFold will fully decentralised itself by end of Q1 2022, moving towards a DAO structure and launching a validator node program to secure the ThreeFold Blockchain (more to be announced soon), we aim to leverage our marketing ecosystem towards the launch of the TF Grid mainnet (beta).

Some upcoming events that pave the path towards the decentralization of the TF Grid:

  • 100% decentralized farming rewards minting on TFChain
  • Discounts for utilization with pre-purchasing of TFT
  • ThreeFold will become a DAO
  • Launch of validator node with delegated staking to secure TFChain
  • Unlimited scalability of the Grid
  • Introduction of ThreeFold Hub (blockchain of blockchains)
  • Smart Contract for IT native language with a rising open source coding language
  • Launch of ThreeFold cloud
  • Native digital currency ecosystem integration
  • Decentralized SSI and KYC layer for the ThreeFold Grid
  • hosting of partners to prove utilization of TFGrid such as DigiThree, OwnCloud and CasperLAbs

Ingredients for success:

  • a top 20 pr firm in NY was signed
  • adverstising on Twitter, CryptoNetworks and potentially Reddit
  • we shortlisted several top influencers looking at covering the project
  • we’re signing a reputable high end market maker for TFT
  • the staking program will require 200 million TFT
  • integrate with more blockchain/defi ecosystems such as Cosmos and Ethereum


  • Draft and distribute press releases around above mentioned events
  • Draft and distribute tech updates to support the launch of TF Grid 3
  • Pitch national and international features stories, e.g. Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, NY Times
  • Place main TF actors in Tier-1 business profiles in Fortune, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, Business Insider, Wired, etc…
  • Extensive vertical-specific outreach to blockchain, metaverse, IoT and tech trade publications to cover ThreeFold’s infrastructure and core value propositions e.g. Zero OS, TF Chain, Quantum Safe Storage, Planetary Network,
  • Monitor ongoing news on data privacy and security to pitch ThreeFold

Note: we already secured coverage in top tier media and we just got started! With PR releases around the above mentioned events, the PR partner is confident that there is a tremendeous potential to be at the centre of tech news by Q1.


  • We can host a global launchpad event at the Vienna Hall with 100 hotel rooms for the TF Grid in march. TBD with main TF partners to create a web4 summit together.
  • We will host a virtual global press conference from Africa to launch TAG pilot program. See recent announcement here.

Objectives for end of Q1 :

  • stabilize the price > $0.3
  • +1,000 nodes connected to the TF Grid
  • 100 validator nodes tied to the staking program
  • +50K community size