Marketing Plan Specs

ThreeFold Marketing Plan

ThreeFold builds upon 20+ years of research and development in the internet and cloud industry. With the Grid 3.0 release we’re looking at proving our potential with the release of a fully comprehensive p2p cloud solutions built on top of the grid.

The marketing plan aims to position ThreeFold for significant growth. We are currently not recognized as the true alternative, yet our technology covers an aggregated market cap of +50 billion in the decentralization space. We are well positioned with our tech to be the critical infrastructure to host any current IT workload that runs on Linux with more efficiency and security. Now is time for adoption.

Marketing objectives

  • Grid expansion: +10,000 nodes connected to the TF Grid by summer 2022
  • Grid adoption: +1,000,000 active users on the TF Grid by summer 2022


  • ThreeFold is an open system which allows anyone to provide, sell and utilize Internet resources without any intermediaries. This critical infrastructure can host any digital workload including blockchain, IoT, decentralized organizations and applications with unparalleled levels of efficiency and security.

Competitive research:

  • Dfinity: Probably the most popular project in the decentalized cloud space at the moment. While they had a great marketing push and establihsed a strong brand, their cannister system and motoko protocol is not the most efficient system to work with, and many issues arised with the launch of their system.
  • Akash: The most robust decentralized compute solution so far with kubernetes running on their system and already hosting a wide range of applications and blockchains on their platform. While Akash is already a well positioned project in the decentralized computing space, their kubernetes clusters most of the time run on the same node and most of their infrastructure is still hosted on a big cloud.
  • Filecoin: The most popular for decentralized storage. By using IPFS, a peer-to-peer protocol for storage they provide an easy platform to store files in a decentralized way. However, their fees are growing and miners could be open to switch to better platforms.
  • Storj: The most advanced decentralized storage solution on the market so far. Storj uses data encryption and seperation to store chunks of data on different nodes. Their tool is easy to use and compatible with many storage tools.

ThreeFold products and target audiences: ThreeFold Web Presence 3.0 Audience

Marketing Mix:


  • Farming solution
  • P2P cloud solution
  • Development toolset


  • Official Websites
  • Partners
  • Sales channels (ISVs, etc…)


  • Public Relations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Marketing


  • competitive pricing strategy
  • value-based pricing strategy

See the brand platfom for more details and comment your email and background here to contribute to our marketing efforts. We will do much testing throughout the first 3 months with the help of analytics, surveys and more in order to deepen our strategy understanding on how to increase our brand value and market share.

Content plan:

Produce monthly content belonging to 4 categories

  • case studies: will take a deep look into the decentralization space, look at companies that are successful in delivering something new in the area of compute, storage and network. The aim is to find the latest trends across fields and share how ThreeFold performs in relation to market trends.
  • tips & tricks: to demonstrate our own thought leadership, insights, and areas of expertise by providing an overview of how our systems and tools provide better performance, productivity, and growth possibilities.
  • how-to guides: to highlight our tools and systems, and how they provide value to our target audiences. The idea is not only to show how it works, but also to prove how these products are multi-functional and represent perfect solutions for current and future IT workloads.
  • Events: from our partnership announcements, product releases and updates, AMAs, hackathons, highlight achievements (e.g. grid present in new country or new milestone reached), influencer reviews, professionals connecting with us in the industry and more.

Marketing channels and platforms:

  • Websites
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • Reddit

Performance monitoring:

  • Token Price variance analysis for community growth
  • Consumer Lifecycle for P2P cloud as subscription based
  • CPR for digital marketing

Budget: TBD