Marketing Plan Specs

ThreeFold Marketing Plan

Everyone starts realizing that current internet & centralized datacenter models are facing major challenges and that a new disruptive model is required.

Hence the success of the Web3 and Helium model in particular. The secret sauce in these projects is decentralization more specifically in the form of DAO’s. People want to be a participant instead of a product. It’s about together creating our future with real impact.

While officially we will not say anything bad about Web3 or Helium, these models have their flaws and in our opinion are not sufficient to realize “their” promise, more people start realizing this.

Our biggest strength is the fact that our technology is available, working as generation 3 and is complete (storage, compute and network). It’s now a fact that our growing community recognizes us as this missing infrastructure layer for any decentralized project to grow on top off.

We also know that our 3Nodes are easy to sell and people see the economical benefits based on the current tokenomics (we sold 1200 by accident and we are now about 3100 nodes with ± no marketing effort).

From a partner perspective (utilization), ± everyone we talk to wants to leverage the ThreeFold Grid capacity one way or the other, which means we seem to be good from a feature & promise perspective towards our future grid users.

Our strategy is decentralization

We can learn from Helium but with the additional benefits of

  • More usable: compute, storage & high performance networking
    • Their current capabilities are very limited (super low bandwidth), we can do better.
  • Our market cap is more beneficial for people to enter.

We do know their mining community is looking for alternatives and it is huge.

In line with above requirements, our strategy is to go 100% decentralized through a DAO
with following functions:

  • Governance.
  • Decentralized marketplace for 3Nodes (people can sell to each other and help to get started).
  • Build lots of bridges towards other digital currency networks.
  • Give people full insight into any possible changes towards TFGrid
    and get them involved through voting.
  • Make it easier for people to buy TFT (fiat gateway, more defi, …)
  • Make chances on abuse smaller for farming (visibility for quality and reputation of farming)
  • Grants for people to develop their solutions on top of us (lower prio)

Necessary Requirements

  • DAO needs to be launched which is part of the Cosmos chain we need to launch.
  • Bridges need to be created
  • Decentralized Hardware Supply System
  • There are quite some DAO proposals which need to be approved by the community, they are important before we can go mainstream (e.g. 2 year lockup on farming, …)
  • At least thumbs up from our lawyers in CH about model (almost done)
  • There are not enough IP addresses on our TFGrid
  • More reputation and hype needs to be build

For the last bullet (reputation)

  • We are working on a deal with a Country.
  • We are bringing in some industry well known friends who open up their networks
    and give us credibility.


We chose not to burn too much cash at this stage in marketing until certain requirements are met, see above. We are doing the minimal awareness creation to support the TFT and show the future promise, once we have more clear calls to action (buy node, buy tft, sell node, …) we will not increase spending.

We have user cases. We will focus on a few of them, Owncloud, Casperlabs, Pocket.Network, Cosmos, Uhure, Vlang as IAAS tool. All other partners will be asked to go on specific area in our Forum and we will together create momentum and show timeline of onboarding. Milestones achieved in mean time will be announced through our media & forum. In other words there is no focus on finding MORE partners, at this stage they are finding us already.

Our focus will be on TFGrid expansion and showing the promise of internet we are building together.

3 tactical elements will drive token sales or support the lower side of the price:

  • Validator Nodes = people need 2m TFT for their validators (this is 200m TFT)
  • Our Decentralized sales effort of 3Nodes is all based on TFT, this will drive volume.
  • INCA = Internet Capacity projects, bring funding & will allow us to buy TFT & support the price.

We are actively working on grassroot movements who will drive adoption once the DAO is further evolved

  • E.g. we are starting to build momentum with leaders in the Lebanese Diaspora, in Lebanon itself the first community got started and we use them as blueprint of what needs to be done to make such an expansion possible.

Campaign theme = Realizing the Promise = “PEOPLE’S INTERNET”

Welcome to ThreeFold - together we are realizing the promise of an open-source, peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure owned by humanity.

  • Engaging key audiences - farmers (hosts) and developers - with news, information and inspiration about the promise of ThreeFold.
  • Engaging partners and aspired partners on their forums and channels to present and engage potential peer-to-peer tools and infrastructure for them to build on


Media Mix

  • Self-produced content (podcast, vlog, blog)
  • Engage heavily on partner and target forums
  • Blast all campaign materials to top 500 crypto/blockchain bloggers list
  • Share with influential media via Cision, to familiarize them with ThreeFold and generate stories.
    • Cloud segment
    • Crypto/ Blockchain segment
    • Open Source segment
  • Published press releases about partnerships and important announcements

Farmer/Validator Recruitment and Support (March/April/May/June)

  • Develop local farming communities
    • We started in Lebanon, Belgium, Netherlands, …
    • Provide them with practical tools & information how to promote, get started, …
    • It’s a real movement starting of motivated people to make it happen
    • It’s all about sense of belong and being together in the DAO
  • Develop new onboarding communications
    • that build loyalty and incentivize farmers to promote the sale of 3Nodes
  • Motivate new & existing farmers to reach out to their networks
    • Referral Reward in TFT
    • Will be active communication with e.g. email farmer per farmer
  • Regular Podcasts/Webinars
    • Showing Faces and Places: Meet our Farmers and their farms (Personal, Creative and Business)
    • Certified vs DIY
  • Publish Blog Posts around benefits, importance of farming
  • Engage Daily Social Media and Targeted Advertising
  • Promote Partnerships (Paradise Hills etc.) via News Releases
  • Utilize Trade Shows Opportunistically (Sell 3Nodes at exhibit table: Buy at show at discount; Receive $50 tokens in wallet free; meet press and target key influencers on site.)

Blasting about ThreeFold on Open Source, Blockchain, Cloud Forums

  • Develop a matrix/ template for anyone to be able to present ThreeFold in Forums and drive to right links and documentation to get started.
  • Engage weekly with audiences to show the culture and value of the ecosystem (Demos, targeted content, etc.)
  • Promote achievements on Social Media and collaborate on cross-community content.

Tech Evangelisation (March/April/May/June)

  • ThreeFold Grid V3 Alpha Demos
    • Peer-to-Peer Networking
    • Quantum Safe Storage
    • Edge Computing
    • Use Cases
      • ReVerse - Metaverse
      • Spinn - IoT
      • V-Lang - language
      • Cosmos - Blockchain
      • Uhuru - P2P Apps - beyond Web3
  • Surj/Kyle VLog
    • Explore emerging trends (Edge, IoT, Metaverse…)
    • Infrastructure design (peer-to-peer, inclusive…)
    • Ethos (Regenerative…)

Developer Engagement and Support (Timing TBD - targeting June/July)

  • Improve Developer User Flow
  • Launch Dev Camps - to develop on the decentralized internet (+build user interface layer?)
  • Stage Hackathons - to develop on the decentralized internet (+build user interface layer?)
  • Launch localized Meet Ups - build a community of developers and evangelists
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media
  • Trade Shows - possibly combine with a Hackathon

Any updates on this? I know its not a best time to start a marketing campain but I see this topic as a big week point of the project at the moment.

I saw a YT video toady ( , ppl like this are going to be a huge % of the farmers, and they dont get TF mission/vision or even the farming concept. So it is obious we need better marketing with simple slogans. Something like: You can be whatever you want, so why not be a small Cloud. Start farming TFT today and become a cloud - storage & conputing provider…:slight_smile:

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You’re on to something with the “cloud” based advertising. Be the Cloud. Be Your Own Cloud. etc etc

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Hey guys, I invite you to check this document which highlights the current plan. We are going out with a focused campaign on ThreeFold Farming under the them of “Realising the promise of a people’s Internet” = Be the Internet. You’re spot on!


Awesome marketing plan. I hope Threefold succeeds!


In a way ThreeFold is inevitable :slight_smile:


Looks awsome. :slight_smile: Don’t wanna be a nag, but personaly I don’t like the “people’s internet” phrase as to me it gives asociations like hippy, communist and socialist :joy::see_no_evil: . Not that I have anything against them just think its not the best fit for this project marketing :slight_smile:

Well, then you’re not going to like his “manifesto”!

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Well the sentiment is good, and its normal for a large community to have different views as long as the core values are the same :slight_smile:


I understand where you’re coming from dear Petar and no harsh feeling there as your comments represent a perspective to it for sure. If you have any alternative proposal, do not hesitate! S


This feedback came from someone else yesterday, too. And we have generally not been using it at the forefront of messaging recently, more in supportive context.

I think there are many ways we can get the same point across with slightly different phrasing:

  • Humanity’s Internet
  • Internet for Humanity
  • Internet For All
  • Internet By People, For People

Datacenterless Internet expansion

Don’t we want to include data centers though? In a way AWS is buying data from many data centers and migrating it to theirs… freeing a lot of capacity that could be plugged to the threefold grid. Also these could turn into super hubs given their high network bandwidths, etc… I think ThreeFold should remain inclusive of all - a neutral foundation.

Maybe we should explain somewhere what we mean by People’s Internet - in the end enterprises are communities of people too…

Maybe the slogan of something like The People’s Network?

You are right - got carried away by using “normal” houses as capacity generating real estate. so we need datacenters in the mix. But I wold love to see houses, windmills, solar panel fields, and all sort of other “real estate” partaking as well.


That is actualy an excelent idea. To promote the “New internet farming economy” , if it has a network connection it can farm, whatever it is. And this opens a whole new view what is the target market…