March Community Call: Brainstorm Time!

Hi everyone! It’s almost time for our monthly Community Call!

When: Tuesday 21st of March, 17:00 CET / 12:00 EDT
Link: Zoom call

This session will be focused on going over relevant topics discussed in our main chat recently: our website UX, outreach, and making it easier overall for people to join in on the project and take action. We read through suggestions and input from community members and see the value that can be brought through an open discussion / brainstorm about these subjects.

Therefore, we invite you to join with your ideas and suggestions, and perhaps even expert knowledge in the field, so we can have a fruitful brainstorm! You can also think about how you could and would like to actively contribute, and bring concrete proposals to the table.

If you already have questions or suggestions, we invite you to share them on this thread!

We hope to see you there! Let us know if you’re joining us here:

  • I’ll be there! :slight_smile:
  • I can’t make it! :frowning:

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Reminder: We hold our monthly Community Calls every third Tuesday of the month, at 17:00 CET/11:00 EST. The goal is to have regular flows of information towards the community and have the opportunity to hear your questions and feedback relating to ThreeFold-related topics.


NAIEIN will be there! Looking forward to join! @EnzoCrypto @tototator


The NAIEIN team will definitely be joining! Looking forward to hearing about the latest updates from the TF team