Maintenance message to user

I have a few Digital Ocean droplets and I get emails from time-to-time that they are going to carry out maintenance, and there might be an interruption to the service. This made me think…

Is it a good idea (looking for feedback and discussion!) to have something like a maintenance button/setting on the portal, where you can state a downtime for your node (scheduled)? And that the system behind it automatically notifies the user(s) that have utilized your node? Or, in case of unplanned downtime, you can send a message with the expected downtime (imagine SSD failed oid and you need 2 days to get a replacement).

Let me know what the thoughts are.

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I do agree, but I think there should be an opurtunity to work on multiple machine’s at the same time Aka use multiple node units at the same time. If that’s not already the case?

If there would be a setting to notify for downtime than rather make it a bit professional to the other side. Than something like a message that’s a bit to personally.

Maybe just

  • Max down Time
  • Earliest back online

I’m really curious how @checkkill sees this.

But I think if we make it possible to work on multiple machine’s at the same time we just transfer over the computing power to another machine.

Because please don’t forget, these companie’s like AWS have nearly 0% downtime. So this “Message” can be really disruptive to users using TFT grid.

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It’s indeed up to the user if they deploy on one server (dedicated node) or over multiple nodes (kubernetes I believe?). But dedicated nodes are definitely an option (even pushed as an option by providing discount up to 70%).

I agree that we should limit what is being communicated; there should be no option for ‘own’ text and I like the idea of having just a few standard fields.

And yes, AWS, Digital Ocean etc have very, very little downtime. Although both my AWS server as my Digital Ocean droplets have been offline too… And those companies also have the communication on scheduled maintenance and unplanned downtimes.

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This would be super helpful for diy farmers, but I think an open line of communication between farmers and users renting their space would be beneficial overall,

this would offer farmers
1.) the ability to maintain and communicate a regular maintenance schedule
2.) notify users of unexpected outage
3.) perform upgrades in coordination with the users to minimize disruption.

This would bring users
1.) the ability to communicate further needs for additional resources I.e. happy customer wants another node.
2.) request specific upgrades to a nodes/connection/ more ips then are currently available.
3.) report issues, unexpected shutdowns, you know team mindset stuff.

I think it’s easy to fall back towards the ideas of anonymity, but while that should be an option, I think many farmers would appreciate the ability to interact with and improve the user experience of the people using their resources. This is all about making the internet a better place for everyone, and communication is always a key component in any business relationship.